Prisma: become the work of art you always knew you were

prisma app about how to e-list reviews
You can’t actually move into a Roy Lichtenstein painting, but you’re getting close. A new photo-editing app called Prisma was recently released (to no small amount of fanfare) with a simple goal: rechristening even your most ill advised selfies into works of art. The app is available for free on IOS and Android. Prisma is very simple: 1) Select (and crop to square) the photo you want to use, and 2) Select one of the app’s preset ‘filters’ The app then connects to its cloud servers and combin...

SnapChat looking to gain more ground w/ Vurb

Image messaging titan Snapchat recently acquired a social networking app called Vurb for 110 million dollars, with an additional 75 to keep on their CEO.  While you may not have heard of it, it has gained critical acclaim for the way it operates both as a search engine and as communicative tool.While it’s too soon to know exactly how Snapchat plans on implementing Vurb’s code, it is almost certain that a search feature is coming to Snapchat.  The image app already uses geotagging software in...

Ghostek iPhone 6 Case: Not so Nautical

ghostek natical case product review elist reviews
When this Ghostek case arrived, I was so pumped to try out another waterproof case.It came in a reasonable plastic package and I was happy to see that they included a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean your phone before installation.Because this is a waterproof case, the instructions state that you do a water check before installing it on your phone (so just be aware, this isn't just a slip on and go type case).What I do like about this case:waterproof for 30 min up to 2 me...

New features on social media this week

new features on social media this week
It was this time last week when Instagram, a Facebook owned app, rolled out a 24-hour self-expiring photo-sharing feature (phew that's a mouthful).  But this isn't Facebook's only attempt to knock down their competitor, Snapchat. Today Facebook announced that they will allow users to immediately access their front facing camera upon opening the app. They can then scroll through a number of facial recognizing filters. These will overlay festive themes to support the Olympics (how timely) -- RIGHT...

A Simple Guide To Use Instagram Stories

Instagram vs Snapchat
The brand new Instagram Stories! Did you make your updates on your iPhone or smart device yet? If so, chances are you've hopped on Instagram at some point today. But did you notice what's new? There's a new feature by Instagram that rivals the biggest name in social media right now, Snapchat.The Facebook-owned app, Instagram, has debuted a new 24-hour picture sharing feature. To view this feature, simply open your app and look at the top of your screen. There will be several circles that yo...

Topdon 18000mAh Portable Power Bank

Topdon battery pack
The All in One Battery Pack Tired of running out of battery? Then this may just be the answer to all your battery problem needs! The Topdon is an Auto Battery Jump Starter packed with a massive 18000mAh Power Bank.One of the most annoying pet peeves is when your phone, laptop, tablet, or even worse, your car battery dies. How can you fix this? Having an external battery is one a good idea, but not just any external battery is going to cut it!The Topdon T01 is the battery pack of all bat...

The badass iPad case with a name to match: UNICORN BEETLE

The Unicorn Beetle iPad Air 2 case by Supcase is the most badass case I've had to date.   The sleek pure white with light grey accents makes my iPad feel like a brand new, futuristic tablet. When I opened it, I immediately said: woah, that is sick!   One of the things I wish the case would have come with was some sort of instructions on how to install. The case did have a QR code to scan to watch a YouTube video before installation. But who uses QR codes anymore? I certainly don't have space...

How to use BitMoji on SnapChat

how to use bitmoji on snapchat e-list reviews
BitMoji is Taking Over While internet memers might claim that bitmoji are so 2013, they certainly have resurged over the last few weeks and gained new life on our smart phones.Bitmoji are customizable avatars that allow you to express yourself by creating a virtual mini-me. After customizing your avatar, you can browse the app and pick from a library of preloaded stickers -- one to fit literally any situation or mood. When you download the app, sign up with your SnapChat ac...

Burkley Antique Coffee Leather Case

Burkley case
Does Burkley Case’s Make A Statement? If there is one thing I like to show off it’s definitely my iPhone cases. I like to be that guy who has on a different one every other day showing off all the newest and unheard of cases. So when I get a chance to review a case that is handmade leather, you best bet that I will take full advantage of the opportunity. Who is Burkley Case? To start, let’s get an idea of what this case is made of and where its coming from. Burkley Case is New York City based...

How to create a 360º photo on Facebook

how to facebook 360 degree photo
Get A 360º Facebook Image Fast and Easy Virtual reality is the next big thing. But all the tech coming out is expensive, hard to find, and difficult to use.Well we're here to tell you that there is a way to test out VR for your business.The best part? It's fast, easy and free!And here's what you need:An iPhone A subject The Facebook AppAll you have to do is flip open the camera on your iPhone and slide to the photo option for Panoramic photo. Snap a pano by holding y...