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Let XPUMP Change Your Music ExperienceIn this growing digital age our media has become increasingly important and continues to improve in quality with visual techniques like animations and CGI.  However, to fully experience the depth of the audio being broadcasted

1815 About Vintage Rose Gold Chronograph Watch About Vintage has a unique story behind their watches. Currently, each one of the watches have unique dates with meanings. The one we reviewed was the 1815 rose gold chronograph. The reason they 1815

The future has never looked so brightSPRINGFIELD, IL; XK GLOW, a collective of lighting engineers, has created a new program and system, XKchrome designed to let you manipulate LED lighting like never before!  Using your smartphone and XKchrome’s innovative LED

PRISMO: Be Fully Immersed in The MomentBoulder, CO- Jeffrey Daiker, optical engineer and inventor, has created PRISMO, a brand new way to use your smartphone’s camera without conscious engagement.  This practical device gets attached to your smartphone’s front-facing camera and

Could Reality Apps Be Better Than Pokémon? Earlier this summer, Pokémon Go was released to wild success, beyond what anyone was prepared for.  (Niantic, Inc. self-reports that it employs between 11 and 50 employees on their company’s Linkedin page, and had

  A Tragic Life Without The Perfect LightGetting the right lighting can be one of the most difficult tasks when trying to take the best picture. Either the light leaves a shadow, the light isn’t bright enough, or the light itself

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